The 7 Largest Global Startup Funding Rounds of November 2020

3. TuSimple $350.0M
Round: Series E
Description: San Diego-based TuSimple is a self-driving truck company developing technology that allows them to drive from depot-to-depot without human intervention. Founded by Jianan Hao, Mo Chen, and Xiaodi Hou in 2015, TuSimple has now raised a total of $648.1M in total equity funding and is backed by investors that include Navistar, Sinovation Ventures, Threshold, CDH Investments, and Sequoia Capital China.
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation
Founders: Jianan Hao, Mo Chen, Xiaodi Hou
Founding year: 2015
Location: San Diego
Total equity funding raised: $648.1M

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