Reset Marketing Campaigns as Market Conditions Change

Marketing is typically your highest expense outside of payroll.  In normal markets, you are spending around 10-30% of your revenues in sales and marketing related investments.

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing

There is a new trend that is starting to take off called Account-Based Marketing (or ABM for short), and it has the potential to change everything for B2B marketers.

Marketing is Still an Art (and a Science)

Data-driven decision making has been the mantra of most good CEOs and CMOs over the better part of the last decade.  They want all marketing decisions to be based on solid data, which had previously not been available but is today in high amounts.  But, data can be deceiving.  It may lead you in one direction, when in fact the right answer may be completely in the opposite direction.

How to Pitch a Business Investment Case to Your CFO

Chief Financial Officers are often the “gatekeepers” to the company’s cash coffers.  And, as you can imagine, they have a lot of people tugging on their sleeves looking for investments into various projects within the company.  But, CFO’s need to prioritize their spend, based on what is in the best interests of the company.  This post will help you learn to think like a CFO and how best to pitch your business investment case with the highest odds of success.

A New Workforce Optimization Algorithm

I was recently introduced to Todd Zaugg, the CEO at Matrix Achievement, a consulting firm that helps companies improve their sales.  In our discussions, Todd made it clear that optimizing your workforce is a vital component to maximizing your sales.  So much so, that he actually created a workforce optimization algorithm that he believes all companies […]

Decision Making Only as Good as Quality of Data Studied

Using accurate data is critical, and getting that is not always easy.  And, if you don’t have accurate data, you may be making the wrong business decisions that could end up hurting your business, when you thought you were helping it.  Allow me to explain.

Why We Turned Down a Chance to Double Sales

It is perfectly acceptable and prudent to say no to a sale if there are high odds it will end up capsizing your boat. Read about George Deeb’s take on a specific deal he had to turn down for the best interest of his company.

The Only Winners in Ecommerce? Amazon, Google and Facebook!

What happens when millions of e-commerce stores are fighting to get discovered on only three primary websites (Amazon, Google, and Facebook) where consumers are looking for potential shopping solutions? 

Don’t Let Short-Term Thinking Hurt Long-Term Success

I recently met a business where the owner made 100% of her decisions based on how it impacts the immediate cash flow of the business.  And I mean every decision!  Whether it was hiring business professionals like accountants or lawyers that were advising the business.  Or, making marketing decisions based on what drove revenues this […]

It’s Time to Rethink the Pyramid Shaped Org Chart

I have long thought movie stars and sports heroes were drastically overpaid in comparison to their contributions to society.  For example, teachers are teaching future generations of kids, and get paid pennies in comparison.  And, even well-paid doctors saving lives, are paid a small fraction of what a basketball star gets paid to simply play […]