6 Ways to Expand Your Thinking to the Next Big Thing

Many of the startup investors I know are disappointed that so few of the startup ideas they see are really innovative or disruptive. Most of us are incremental or linear thinkers, and we miss the really big opportunities, like the next smartphone or space travel. That ability to “see around the next corner” seems to be […]

10 Disciplines Every Entrepreneur Needs To Practice

Innovation is the key to long-term business success, both in startups as well as established organizations. Yet every business and every entrepreneur I know struggles with this challenge, focused on hiring the right people and implementing the right process. Yet, in my experience, the key seems to be more a discipline of innovative thinking from […]

7 Ways To Fail In Setting Up Your Board Of Directors

Board expert Nancy Falls outlines the most common mistakes with boards…

7 Keys to Scaling Your Startup to be the Next Unicorn

Many entrepreneurs never get past their first-stage focus on their innovative product, scaling the business globally, organizing a structure to handle thousands of employees, and concentrating their focus “on the business” rather than working “in the business.” In my experience, here are some of the key elements of that “second-stage” of entrepreneurship.a

8 Ways the Stakes are Higher on Customer Expectations

It’s no longer possible to separate customer support from the overall customer experience. Both are part of the relationship that you build with your customers through a compendium of all the interactions you have with them. Any one of these can be the key to amazing advocacy, or the beginning of an aggressive visible campaign against you. The world today is small, and there is no room to hide. Be responsive, do more, and you will get more.

6 Positive Steps for Taking Control of Your Work Life

How to deal with the constant demands and requests that every business founder faces with pragmatic advice for dealing with the three pains of the brain (social, status, and priorities) that erode your control and your satisfaction with work that you really love to do.

8 Unpublicized Strategies From Serious Entrepreneurs

The message I hear publicly from most entrepreneurs is that you have to think outside the box and take big risks to ever beat the odds and be among the less than ten percent that experience real success. But privately, as a mentor to many entrepreneurs, I see mindsets and attributes that may be equally critical to success but are not readily admitted, for fear of being too wacky.

7 Ways Your Marketing Needs To Meet Today’s Customers

Brand leadership sets the tone for the new way to structure your business and set your long-term strategy. Here is our list of key reasons to use inbound marketing as a focus for the next generation of your business and your customers.

7 Personal Decisions That Delineate Your Best Startup

Here is my list of key questions to ask yourself, to best route your passions to a business that will bring you more visibility and respect than pain.

8 Principles For Better Delegation and Work Control

Effective delegation is a skill that we can all learn and benefit from, and improve on over time, through a new and continual focus on the following key principles.