The Top 4 Things to Study When Hiring New Employees

t is clearly a job seekers market right now, which affords them the opportunity to take the best of competing offers, even if they have already accepted a previous offer, and “ghost” their new employer by never showing up on their first day, which is happening in record numbers and is not a cool move, at all  So, to save you all the tedious effort of having to go back and restart your recruiting efforts after making bad offers or hires, it is important you get it right in the first place.

Axonius Raises Another $100M and Secures Unicorn Status for its Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $4M but only 29% of businesses have a cybersecurity expert on their IT team. As businesses use more and more data and as employees use more devices (the average employee now uses 2.3 devices), the potential liability increases each day. Axonius’ cybersecurity asset management platform gives enterprises a full inventory of their assets and ensures that these devices are properly being secured. The platform takes a holistic approach by integrating into existing cybersecurity tools and workflows and ensuring that all devices being used (whether physical or virtual) are compliant with the company’s security protocols. Founded by former intelligence officers from the Israeli Defense Force, the platform solves the fragmentation problem found in enterprises when it comes to security. AlleyWatch caught up with CEO and Cofounder Dean Sysman to learn more about the complexities in managing sound cybersecurity policies throughout an enterprise, the company’s future plans, and latest round of funding from investors that include Stripes, Bessemer Venture Partners, OpenView, Lightspeed, and Vertex.

What it Takes to Succeed in Customer Success

If you’re looking to excel and rise-up the ranks in Customer Success or create an amazing CS team, here are some of the key takeaways from NYC Tech’s finest.

Here’s Why You Need to Attend DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit

Ahead of DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit, we speak to Poulomi Damany, vice-president of data product management at Credit Karma, about the how the personal finance company utilizes AI and analytics to enhance its customer service

This is Why Investing in Art is Providing Unparalleled Returns

If you’re thinking about investing in non-traditional asset classes, fine art should be high on your list of options to explore. Over a span of several decades, fine art’s favorable investment characteristics, such as its ability to act as a store of wealth to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, have made it an increasingly […]

This Startup Provides the Best Deal Since the Dutch Purchased Manhattan

Peter Minuit is credited with spearheading the purchase of the island of Manhattan for the Dutch from the Native Americans in 1626 in exchange for 60 guilders. Accounting for inflation, that price equates to $967 in today’s dollars. An incredible deal in a city where real estate is changing hands at an average of $1868 […]

Making Unmanned Systems More Energy Efficient

Last Tuesday, I chaired a UJA Tech Talk on “The Future Of Autonomous Cars” with  former General Motors Vice-Chairman, Steve Girsky. The auto executive enthusiastically  shared his vision for the next 15-25 years of driving – a congestion-free world of automated wheeled capsules zipping commuters to and from work. Girsky stated that presently, the connected cars with […]

NVP Labs’ Bridge-to-Seed Funding May Be Just What Your Startup Needs

Are you a tech startup that needs to scale, and you want to be in the New York City area this spring? Newark Venture Partners Labs Bridge-to-Seed program offers $200K, high level mentorship, office space, and growth coaching.

2017 Is Over But 2018 Is Here To Keep It Going

Well that was an interesting year! So lets wrap it up in style and start making some predictions for what to expect next year and how we can top it because everything needs to go up and to the right. The bigger seed rounds will continue. As I mentioned in my previous post, micro funds raised […]

Ray Dalio, Principles, The Evolution of Bridgewater Associates, and Meditation

I was joined by legendary investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist Ray Dalio to discuss his new book “Principles” including his many formulas for success and the concepts and ideas which define our work and life. We dissect the core principles he used to build the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, along with my blueprint for […]