What Brands Need to Know About Esports

As we navigate this new landscape of work and business post-corona, esports is one of the many industries that’s being heavily impacted. In my opinion, this is going to be a watershed moment for esports.

Where We Are Investing Now: Esports/Gaming SaaS

Venture capitalist Mike Edelhart lays out what he sees as a single seam in Esports and gaming content that has true venture scale – Esports SaaS. Esports SaaS companies have these characteristics.

Where We Are Investing Now: E-Sports and Digital News

Each year, our funds define specific areas of investment focus for the year. We then do a mid-year review of each of these and adjust our approach if necessary. Most often, this mid-year correction is modest, just a tweak or lane change. But this summer, we felt that changes in our immersive experiences and content […]

How to Train Like an Olympic Champion for Your Next eSports Competition

There is only one chance in 562,400 that a person in today’s world will win a medal in the summer Olympic Games. Depending upon the sport and event, the chances of winning a gold medal range from 1 in 3.5 million to 1 in 9 million. I was fortunate to train several track and field […]

Can Blockchain Improve the Gaming Industry?

Many of those my age will remember Magic: The Gathering. Part of the joy of physical card collecting was unwrapping a card that you had no idea how many other people had access to in the world. It’s possible that those cards might not ever be manufactured after a limited run, and therefore your card […]

Why MOCAs Will Redefine Advertising in 2018

When it comes to marketing, we’ve heard it all before: go where your audience is. The thing is, we already know where they are… on their mobile phones! But how do we as marketers reach them in a tumultuous landscape made up of millions of applications? We’ve inundated consumers on social and traditional media, but […]

This Startup Provides the Best Deal Since the Dutch Purchased Manhattan

Peter Minuit is credited with spearheading the purchase of the island of Manhattan for the Dutch from the Native Americans in 1626 in exchange for 60 guilders. Accounting for inflation, that price equates to $967 in today’s dollars. An incredible deal in a city where real estate is changing hands at an average of $1868 […]