A CEO’s 5-Step Guide on How to Manage Online Retail Finances: The Startup Edition

Synder is a personal financial assistant for small to medium-sized businesses in the eCommerce sphere. Synder carries out all bookkeeping and accounting tasks for your business. It doesn’t matter which sales channels or payment processors you use, whether it is Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Etsy, or WooCommerce.

How Can E-Commerce Merchants Cut Through the Hype to Find Reliable SaaS Providers?

Over the last few years, the number of startups and solution providers in the technology space has been growing to handle everything from social media marketing and customer experience personalization to fraud prevention and shipping management. A market crowded with service providers can be good for e-commerce merchants, because it’s easier than ever to find solutions that work with your business model. But technology isn’t the only factor to consider. To make sure you’re picking vendors and partners who will stand the test of time and help you compete in a rapidly accelerating field, it’s also wise to consider each option’s funding structure, experience, and data resources.

How Augmented Reality Can Completely Change Ecommerce for Buyers and Sellers

In the balmy summer of 1995, an American entrepreneur who had just quit his job on Wall Street wrote a list of items he thought it would be possible to sell on the internet. It wasn’t long. He eventually came up with five contenders before narrowing it down to one – books. The entrepreneur’s name was Jeff Bezos and the company he incorporated that year was Amazon.

How Brands Can Lean Into a Direct-to-Consumer Model

The world was moving towards direct-to-consumer anyway, COVID just accelerated it because people got forced into new behaviors. Now that people have had a taste, it’s going to be very hard to “wean them off” of the convenience, price power, and enjoyment of e-commerce buying. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to go to stores anymore, it just means that a lot of consumers have added e-commerce into the mix or that e-commerce is now a bigger percentage of their overall activity. Find out what you should be doing to capitalize on this shift.

Why Companies Need to Lean Into E-Commerce Now More Than Ever

In the current environment with how coronavirus is impacting large and small businesses, putting a focus on e-commerce is absolutely essential. I’ve been in the e-commerce world since 1996 (when Wine Library launched an online store) so I’m a huge believer. But at this point, the cat’s out of the bag. I just can’t imagine anybody not […]

A 360 Degree View Of Incubating Mechatronics

Recently, private equity giant Blackstone Group announced the acquisition of Colony Capital for $5.9 billion, a deal that encompasses 60 million square feet of warehouse space across 465 facilities. Blackstone is reported to manage now over $250 billion worth of property worldwide, and the Colony purchase comes on the heels of previous warehouse acquisitions of Singapore’s GLP […]

Reinventing The Wheel, Autonomously

Logistics in America is one of the fastest-growing private sectors of the economy, generating more than $1.6 trillion of spending (or close to 10% of GDP) in supply chain, transportation, and distribution investments.

Where We Are Investing Now: Digital Brands

Both of our fund families focus on consumer products. Social Starts takes the angle of commerce and focuses on Digitally Native Brands based purely on their market characteristics. Joyance focuses on consumer goods derived from deep science with high emotional content. For us, Digitally Native Brands must deliver a generational opportunity to invest in a […]

The Only Winners in Ecommerce? Amazon, Google and Facebook!

What happens when millions of e-commerce stores are fighting to get discovered on only three primary websites (Amazon, Google, and Facebook) where consumers are looking for potential shopping solutions? 

5 Reasons Your E-Commerce Startup Might Be Struggling

When the chips are down and your business isn’t moving inventory, it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. It’s tempting to look at flashy marketing efforts, gimmicks, “growth hacks” or other quick fixes and feel like your business isn’t harnessing the newest marketing tools available. Being the founder of a digital marketing agency with more […]