Where We Are Investing Now: FemTech

Women supporting women in everything related to being women is a growing and inexorable worldwide trend. This is manifestly truly related to health and happiness, where the worldwide female 51% is demanding new and better approaches to every part of their lives. In that forceful expression of ascendency, we see a singular investment opportunity. This […]

In The Spirit Of Ada Lovelace: Female Entrepreneurs Build Next Generation Robots

Near the end of World War II, Adm. William “Bull” Halsey of the famed Third Fleet steered directly into a typhoon, losing 790 crewmen and 146 aircraft in the Pacific. Dr. Eric Daimler, formerly an innovation fellow with the Obama White House, shared this story with me in 2017 as an illustration of the importance of trusting data. It […]

5 Priceless Lessons From One Successful Entrepreneur’s Mother

I often think about how my mother raised me to become the person I am today. Not only was she a single parent, she was also an immigrant new to the country. Through her drive and dedication, my mother had the biggest impact on how I chose to spend my time. From a young age, […]

Why Women in Business Need To Network With More Men

Throughout my career, I’ve attended dozens of women’s networking events, including lunches, happy hour meet-and-greets and more. In a professional culture where women are routinely left out of March Madness pools and are also denied the same choice of employment as men or a seat at the Vice President’s table, women-only networking groups have often […]

As Workplace Norms Continue to Evolve, Can Sales Shed the Bro-Culture Label?

Learn how to set the tone for how sales team should interact with one another to prevent the typical bro culture all too often found.

4 Ways to Defuse an Awkward Business Situation

In a male-dominated industry, playing the part isn’t always enough. When clients make embarrassing assumptions about your age or position in the company, here’s how to deal.

5 Skills Women in Tech Need for the Future of Work

The business world is changing fast, nowhere more so than in the technology sector. Workers today need both the drive and the skills to keep pace in the changing landscape. That’s especially true for women in tech, a field which remains notoriously difficult for women to succeed in. Though the issue has received more attention […]

Getting Over the Guilt of Doing It All

As women, we can often feel guilty when we take the time to do something for ourselves. The nurturing aspect of our DNA seems to be set to constant concern regarding our family and those around us. When it comes to the decision of running our own businesses, I have seen female entrepreneurs worry how […]

5 Practical Tips for Every Current and Aspiring Businesswoman

Not too long ago, I found myself listening to Jessica Alba, actress and founder of Honest, a successful company that has brought transparency to the retail world. Alba’s company promises to tell customers the truth about where its home and baby products come from, what is in them and what their impact on the environment […]

Resources All Female Entrepreneurs Should Have in Their Arsenal

As a female entrepreneur, I’ve experienced some challenges in the startup community in getting recognized for the value I add and in establishing the credibility necessary to further my professional development. The good news is that for every pushback I’ve gotten, there are twice as many resources now available that help me circumvent that negative […]