The Next Stage in the Financial Revolution: AR and VR Solutions

The next step in the financial evolution has welcomed the applications of immersive Augmented and virtual realities. AR and VR can transform traditional banking and financial services into staggering, visual experiences by developing a personalized, face-to-face virtual environment.

How Augmented Reality Can Completely Change Ecommerce for Buyers and Sellers

In the balmy summer of 1995, an American entrepreneur who had just quit his job on Wall Street wrote a list of items he thought it would be possible to sell on the internet. It wasn’t long. He eventually came up with five contenders before narrowing it down to one – books. The entrepreneur’s name was Jeff Bezos and the company he incorporated that year was Amazon.

Where We Are Investing Now: XR in Health

We have been interested in XR for Health for some time. This year, however, we think the time has come for these technologies to take a great step forward. In the past, we viewed it purely through the lens of other areas of science. Now, in 2020, XR for Health is officially an independent focus area for us.

VR Will Be Fun and Useful But it is Still Far, Far Away From Reality

I’ve been going to CES with my dad for the last 10 years, seeing almost every gadget, gizmo and widget before they came mainstream. Wearables, VR and AR really only started to garner traction and attention a few years back and while it’s come a long way since, it still has a long way to […]

This Startup Provides the Best Deal Since the Dutch Purchased Manhattan

Peter Minuit is credited with spearheading the purchase of the island of Manhattan for the Dutch from the Native Americans in 1626 in exchange for 60 guilders. Accounting for inflation, that price equates to $967 in today’s dollars. An incredible deal in a city where real estate is changing hands at an average of $1868 […]

Where We Are Investing Now: AR/VR/XR

We think augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality (AR, VR, and XR) experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds have enormous potential across a wide range of use cases in both corporate and consumer settings. However, the current picture for AR/VR/XR is murky. We feel it is still early for AR/VR/XR as a […]

Where We Are Investing Now: Neuroscience

Humans, like computers, are both hardware and software. Human hardware consists of cells, bones, blood, all the physical stuff that comprises our bodies and their many systems. Human software is psychology, mood – the world of our mind and emotions, as opposed to simply our brains. In terms of technology, humans-as-hardware solutions include advances in […]

How to Use Augmented Reality in Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

This is one of the most exciting times to be part of marketing. New technologies are changing how we approach our target audiences and existing customers. While challenging to a certain extent in terms of understanding what this technology is capable of doing for our marketing objectives (with many technologies still evolving), there are many […]